Sunday, October 23, 2011

Someone Stole My Pumpkin! Oct 22nd 2011

Moraga -Yesterday afternoon, just after posting on my blog about the only pumpkin I was able to get from that big 100ft of vine, it was stolen from the bench it was sitting on. I noticed it was gone when I went out to walk Casey. Nick has posted it on facebook too because he was going to carve it today and now he is disappointed as well. My next door neighbor has 2 ordinary pumpkins sitting outside her garage but they didn't take hers! Sniff...

RIP - 2011 1st Hill House pumpkin
In better news - Nick has a "try-out" this week for a job at the Orinda Country Club working on the golf course. He has 2 shifts and if he does good they will hire him on permanently. Please pray for him to get this because it would make a huge difference in his life. He has been looking for work for months and hasn't had any luck so he is really excited about this opportunity.


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