Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mushrooms of Winter 2011

The rain has come early again this year so once again around Thanksgiving I have a bunch of mushrooms coming up. Here are pictures of the ones that are the most interesting.
These are about 2-3" long on the caps. I think they are edible but I am not that brave.

Attached to the base of an Oak tree. HUGE shelves of these mushrooms.

Same as above just the different shelves. Some were over 12 inches wide.

This is a huge colorful bolete. See the pink bulbous stem?

Once you touch it the yellow and white parts start to turn blue!

Side view of another on of the same boletes. I don't think they are edible...

This is a dry "puff ball" type with a blue center.

These grow in the rocks on the driveway. Not sure what they are but they are strange too.