Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend of 12/10/11

My trip up to the hill house this weekend was delayed due to food poisoning on Thursday night. I actually did it to myself which is even worse since Nick and I are always smelling things to see if they are good. But Thursday we cooked chicken that wasn't old and didn't smell but it must have been at that point of turning bad before you could smell it because about 2 hours later it felt like a freight train had slammed into me. Nick left to hang out with friends so he missed dinner.. lucky guy! It was not like the flu at all, in fact I would have preferred the flu. I lost so much water that my muscles started cramping and my head starting to ache in the middle of the night. Silly me, I actually got up on Friday morning to go to work and made it to the bathroom before I realized I was too weak to stand up so work might not be such a good idea. I emailed folks and crawled back into bed until 11.. got up for a bit and hit the bed again at 2 for another couple of hours. I really didn't dare eat anything until Friday night when Nick cooked me an egg and toast. Man! I hear about this food poisoning stuff and think people are making it up but it is real and really ugly! 
Anyway, got up there on Saturday instead of Friday night and the weather was really nice. I finished up my lasagna garden and then went for a walk to see what was going on. We had a huge windstorm in the area last week but my trees did really good, nothing came down. Of course, no rain since Thanksgiving means all the mushrooms that were there have died off by now. But there was these couple of strange ones again...

This one actually will stain your fingers from the yellow!

Inside, it is really dense as you can see

These are big and look like condos stacked on top of each other

They are growing out of an oak stump and are this orange and maroon color.
For my veggie garden, the layers are complete finally... this is the side that I didn't do anything with last year and the weeds were horrible. So here are the layers:
Top Layer    Compost
Layer 1 newspaper
Layer 2 more plant material
Layer 3 cardboard
Layer 4 steer manure
Layer 5 newspaper
Layer 6 plants from the garden - cornstalks, plants, weeds
Bottom Layer    Dirt

We will see if this helps, it helped the other side last year so I am hopeful. Over my break at Thanksgiving I also planted more asparagus, UFC 157 was the name... and I have ordered seed catalogs and I am planning my spring planting season. Gardeners never give up hope but I have to defeat the gophers and the deer.. not sure how I am going to do that.
A side note - Titus the man whose goats I borrowed is selling some of the goats so if you are interested let me know and I will hook you up!

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