Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Welcome to 2012! 
Can you believe it is 2012 already? I remember when it was turning the year 2000, and everyone was sure that the world was going to collapse because computers wouldn't be able to understand "00" as a year and they would all shut down... turns out the only thing that happened that year was the start of the tech bubble popping.... ah memories.

Since my job is centered around sales quarters, I never know what my New Year's Eve is going to look like and I have never made any plans. This year was the same... I checked email in the morning on Saturday and everything seemed fine so I took off for the house. Poor Nick had to work New Years day at the golf course, so he stayed behind. But he did go to SF to watch the fireworks with his friends and they had a great time.

Not much going on at the house right now in terms of work. (Too cold in the morning and it gets dark early!)  I am still going to every fruit tree and removing weeds and checking the drip emitters to see if they are clogged, which is most of them.  Getting prepared to plant the new apple trees I ordered when they come in mid- January. It is scary how dry everything is right now, especially after the last 2 years of just torrential rain. We really need some rain and snow or it is going to be a tough summer. Here are some shots of the property of things that I thought were nice.
Afternoon Light over the valley


my trees against the bigger trees

  And not sure what made this in the field but thought it was worth showing you....

This is my Shitake mushroom log that I started this summer, it really isn't doing anything yet. Hopefully it will start showing signs of fungus!

And of course, my old lady Casey laying down watching me work. She is having a hard time with the stairs and allergies when she is up there, but she really does love it. You can see it when we arrive and she gets out and runs around sniffing and other things.... 

I hate to leave you with this news but I need to share with you a sad thing that has happened. My neighbors came over yesterday, the ones that own the dairy goats that I feed carrots to when I am there. On NYE, dogs got into the goat area and killed 6 of their goats... they are completely distraught especially since they have raised those goats since they were babies. I am pretty upset too... I have posted pictures of them many times on this blog and they definitely add fun to my time up there with their different personalities.
A lot of people don't know this but farm livestock is killed more by domestic dogs than any wild animal... but people are afraid of a lone grey wolf crossing the border into California. My philosophy is that wild animals will kill to survive, but these dogs killed for fun... they haven't been caught and probably won't be either. It was a jarring and upsetting end to the weekend, that and the Raiders blowing it again... hope the week goes better.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones~ I hope 2012 is fabulous!

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