Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sat Jan 14th, 2012 - Moraga

Hi All

I am not up at the hill house today.. and I haven't been for 3 weeks due to other commitments like getting my hair cut. Nick and I are going up next weekend and will plant the apple trees I ordered. One is the traditional Granny Smith and the other is a heirloom called Arkansas Black. This apple has a peel that is so dark it is almost black and the inside is just snowy white. It is very tasty! 
Arkansas Black Apple Pic from

I have been working on the holes and drip irrigation up there to get it ready and I must have done more than I should have since I have been in pain for a couple of weeks. I finally went to the doctor and she said I have sciatica or a pinched nerve in my back. I get to go to physical therapy and take lots of aleve, yippee. I was thinking that I must be old now, because only old people get sciatica right?

I have decided which faucet that I am going to install here in Moraga, and now I need to get a sink to install with it. I have to find one with 3 holes, heavy gauge stainless, drop-in style,  with 2 bowls where one is smaller than the other one. Easy right? Nope.. I will go to my favorite stores later today (HD, LOWES) and see what they have in stock. The online resources have not been good, with 3 of the 4 things I need but not all. I am trying to mimic my current sink configuration so that I don't have to move all of the plumbing which is what the hardest part of these projects. People see the "perfect" sink and don't realize that under the sink are all these things like garbage disposals and drains for the dishwasher. Moving those things takes a long time and lots of trips to the hardware store for just the right pipe length etc.

It is the New Year again... and I am wondering what your goals are for 2012? I have a few in my head with the main one being getting this Moraga house ready to sell. Yep... I said it. I am planning on selling the house in Moraga this year. The financial strain of these 2 houses is getting to be too hard on me, as well as the time it takes to maintain 2 houses. My idea is that when I get this sold, I would rent a place for awhile and that would help with my maintenance issues. When the time is right I would be able to move to mokehill full time and not have to worry about a house here. Nick has one more year here before he leaves for college so I think the timing is good. 
My only hope is that the housing market continues to stabilize and go back up.. my neighborhood has not been affected as much as other places because so many people want to live here. It has the best schools and a great environment with lots of open space, wildlife and nice people. If I can get at least what I paid for it, I would be happy.

Another plan for this year is to turn this blog into a full fledged website where I can start selling the produce and other things from the farm when I get it going... been thinking about website names and I think I will go with:
What do you think? Post a comment if you have a suggestion... 


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