Sunday, January 22, 2012

Visit to Pioneer Cemetery - Double Springs CA

You can thank the rainy weather and my sore back for pushing me to do something outside the house this weekend. I finally stopped at the pioneer cemetery that is just before the turn-off to my house. The official state website says this about the place;

NO. 271 PIONEER CEMETERY - This pioneer cemetery was said to have been established in 1851. Most of the graves are unmarked - stones appeared over only three of them in 1936. This cemetery is located almost opposite where the town of North Branch originally stood, before the site was mined for gold.
Location:  On State Hwy 12 (P.M. 176), 0.7 mi W of junction with State Hwy 49, 1.8 mi W of San Andreas
The people buried here were in unmarked graves in the Poverty Gulch Cemetery with only a few having headstones. They were moved because Lake Comanche was being built and the water was going to cover them up. The condition is pretty shocking though....

I didn't know cattle could close gates, they are pretty talented cows!


Headstone is worn out

Died at 27 in 1851- He had a huge statue so I don't think he was a poor one.
This headstone had 4 people on it.

Very sad just pieces of the marble left

gate to the cemetery

Plaque explaining why it is where it is now.
I find it sad that these people who must have had incredibly hard lives mining gold or working as farmers now are interred in this cemetery that is so run-down. Most of the graves are unmarked so I don't know how many people are buried there. It is kind of creepy walking around and knowing you are probably on someone's grave and you can't tell. I looked like a crazy person I am sure.. walking around talking to them and apologizing for the condition of the place. It just felt disrespectful.


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