Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back from Hawaii!

I am back from Hawaii a couple of days early... I had a great time but the thought of coming in at midnight on Monday and trying to be at work on Tues was too much... so I got a flight out last night and I am back. My parents are still there and will be going on a dinner cruise around Diamond Head tonight as a last "hurrah" to their vacation.

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki... it is a massive place with 6 towers, 4 or 5 pools, shops, beaches and bars. It was extremely busy and crowded with mostly Japanese and Australian tourists and kids everywhere.... 
Here are some pictures of the things we did around the hotel including a Segway tour and stand up paddle boarding, both of which were really fun!
Man-made Lagoon at the hotel

Paradise pool with 2 pools, 4 water slides, 2 Jacuzzis and 100's of kids

Sunrise from our first room on Tues

Shot of Waikiki strip from our room
Lepperts ice cream - right next to our hotel tower
Dad on Segway

Segway tour
Dad Stand-Up paddle boarding

Outside of the hotel I took the rental car and dropped the parents off at the USS Missouri tour and drove up towards the north shore. There was a really strong storm the first couple of days and it had drove up the waves to 20 feet in some places. Needless to say all the surfers were there risking it all to ride these monster waves. Taking pictures in that place is hard. They are way out there in the ocean where the waves are just starting to break and the sun is so bright! And one time the wind kicked up for a good minute or two and the gusts just sand blasted me... I had sand everywhere and I hadn't gone swimming!  Here are the pictures for ewa and waianae beaches... 
Waianae Beach
Waianae Valley

waianae valley

ewa beach
ewa beach

ewa beach

ewa beach

 There were so many out there trying to surf these waves!

The next day we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center over on the east side of the island. If you have never gone there and have a chance to, I would suggest you do it. It is run by the Mormon church but has a great area there with natives who are going to the school working there. I went a long time ago when I was 16 so it has been awhile...not much has changed just the performers. Here are some pictures from that..

Mom and Dad -Ready to go in

One of the performers making fire...

My Favorite Performer... yum!

Mom and Dad with the Fijians!

Hibiscus - they are everywhere on the islands
I know this has been a long post, but you know I was there 5 days and really didn't even post all my pictures. I had a really nice time and I want to thank my wonderful parents for inviting me and twisting my arm to say yes... 


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