Sunday, February 5, 2012

Facebook IPO and Social Media Impact

This is totally off topic, but Nick and I were talking during breakfast about Facebook going public and how it might affect our other stocks, particularly Zynga. I have invested in the stock market for awhile now, since my IPO days at BEA Systems and while I am not that active anymore I do still buy a little stock that I am interested in owning. Anyway, Nick is the early pioneer of social media, starting with a myspace account when he was 12 or so, and he has been on facebook for many years. It seems to be his main connection to the outside world with the messaging and wall posts. (That and texting, but that is another story.)
While discussing the newspaper article on Mark Zuckerberg,
( and stock strategy for our other stock,  he looked at me and said he deactivated his Facebook account last night. Just like that.  He thinks it is just too many people, knowing too much and getting too nosy. (Okay I extrapolated that last part, he will just say something like, I am tired of it... he is not a big talker.) This is something earth-shaking and I wonder if Zuckerberg got a shiver. 
Are people tired of the constant stream of information where you know everything about someone, but can't say you know them? 
I am not on Facebook because the one time I tried it, people I don't care to "friend" found my account really fast. Everyone said you can just "ignore" them but I can do that even better when I am not seeing the posts everyday about what they made for dinner or what cute thing their dog did or how much smarter, faster, taller, skinnier and cuter their kids are than other kids. If someone like Nick, who is the target market for Facebook at 19 years old is tired of it, what is the future for it?
I do have a blog, but it is written when I have time and something to share, and you can choose to read it or not.
Makes me wonder if Facebook has been too successful and if people are feeling exposed and  slightly vulnerable because of it? I know the Facebook IPO will be huge and we are holding on to our other stock because we think that this optimism and positive energy will lift the market overall, but it is something to think about. How much information is just too much and when does it become noise?

The only noise I expect to hear for the next week are happy ones on the beach on Honolulu. Aloha! Julie

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