Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20, 2012 - President's Day Weekend

Three Day Weekend!
It was a really chilly weekend up there, which was quite a shock after Hawaii.. But I got to go see my niece and nephew play basketball so that was fun. We are in the prep time of the growing season right now. It is too cold to put any plants out so I am just keeping up with the weeds and checking the irrigation. Nick and I are going to start our seeds this week so we will see how that goes. Last year he had over 70+ sunflowers started but only about 10 made it until the goats ate them... i think he is going to try and start a lot more seeds than last year which should be interesting. 

One of my "volunteer" plants as my grandpa Bouttier would call them is a pea sprout and I got to eat a couple of them..

Also blooming right now are the daffodils that tend to spread and the flowering quince.

The bees were going nuts for the quince flowers!
I also wandered around and took pictures of the marsh area. This time last year we had so much water that most of the plants were not visible. Now the area is full of the horse tail plants and other marsh plants that only live where the ground is moist.
Marsh Area

Horsetail Bushes

This is a stump in the marsh area being slowly decomposed by the plants there..

My neighbor with the chickens sold me a few goose eggs as well this weekend. They are 2 times larger than the jumbo chicken egg it is sitting next too in the picture below. After I cracked it, you can see the huge yolk! That egg made as much scrambled eggs as 2 jumbo or 3 medium chicken eggs. It didn't taste that different...


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