Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 3rd 2012 - Boys Weekend

For the first time in a long time, Nick and his friend Jason came up to the house with me.. I appreciate it because they can do things I really shouldn't be doing, like load up firewood on my rack etc. 
I did change a toilet seat and of course, worked on the trees some more. I am going to do another post on the toilet seat instructions, super easy...

One thing I find interesting is how much stuff they find to do outside when we don't have internet or video games etc. They were down by the fire pit and saw the old flooring there waiting to be burned and some tree stumps and decided to build a bench.
The boys building a bench
 I didn't help at all! Nick is really comfortable with tools so he got the circular saw and cut the boards up for the slats. They both worked on the support pieces and it took about 2 hours for them to get it all together. The biggest delay was how hard the wood was... those are 2 year old dried oak stumps and the 2 x 4's have been outside about as long drying out... the drill just couldn't do it. But they kept after it and were so proud they sent pictures to all their friends.

One nice thing about Nick being there was I got to use his fancy camera... he has a Nikon D3000 that takes great pictures. I was hoping to take pictures of all the birds I keep talking about but we need a much bigger lense for that. And they aren't cheap! But I did take some that I will share here.


Mushroom Pretty sure this is one you don't want to eat
ATV Trail leading to the marsh area

Casey hunting quail

Quail flew away
Morning Light - view from the deck

Marsh Area
 Casey has found her inner wild dog at this place. She killed a gopher a few weeks ago, surprised it when it popped its head up... and of course brought it to me all proud. She didn't want to go home and actually walked away from the truck back to the front door when we were loading up. She loves it but she is old and having issues with the stairs.. she keeps tripping on them. Oh well, I will be that way some day too and as long as she is healthy and happy , so am I.

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