Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012 and Spring!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I don't have much for you this time as I stayed in Moraga, I had to work too late on Friday night to get out of town. I have been starting seeds again and some of them I am going to keep here in a big container on my deck. I have planted beets and carrots, with a bush bean in containers and they are doing pretty good. Of course we need more of days like today to get them really growing well. Just a beautiful day here..
Baby Carrots coming up

Beet Seedlings - in a container for the Moraga house

Sunflowers they will go up to the hill next weekend
One reason I grow so much is that I love gardening.. even with failures like freezing all my corn seedlings or gophers and deer eating everything in sight. The other reason is that with fuel costs going so high, food prices will start going up too. I paid $1 for a bell pepper at Safeway yesterday and that was on sale. I can buy a packet of seeds for $3 or a bell pepper plant for $2 each and make a better ROI than the stock market. Even if you have a small yard like I do in Moraga you can grow things in containers. I mostly grow herbs like chives, thyme, cilantro and others that do really well in pots. But if you have one that is deep enough you can grow root vegetables like onions, carrots, beets and potatoes. Just remember that you will need to fertilize and water them more in a container than in a garden plot. 
Give it a try even if you don't have a green thumb... I dare you to mess up growing chives... :)

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