Sunday, April 22, 2012

UPDATE - Kitchen Sink Saga - 4/22/12

 UPDATE - 4/30/2012
The faucet is finally fixed - the water lines on the faucet were labelled backwards, so hot was cold etc. I transferred the lines around after clearing out the buildup in the cold one and now it works fine. The tech support guy at Vigo was nice and emailed me back and forth but I actually figured out the issue and fixed it myself. (With help from Nick of course..)

I know I have been teasing you since I bought the faucet but Nick and I finally got the sink in this weekend.If you have never done it before, it is a bit of work, and Lowe's rates it "intermediate" skill level on their website. (see video below)  I have put in about 4 of them so I thought I had seen everything. Wrong!

First mistake I made was to buy the faucet and sink from the internet.. but I really wanted an industrial looking faucet and couldn't find one at a good price or the right size anywhere but online. The sink took forever because I wanted a stainless steel, 2 hole drop in sink and finally found that online too. 

Well I thought I was ready to rip out the ugly sink I put in 7 or so years ago with the broken faucet and Nick was around so we went for it...

Old Fiberglass sink - was stained and pitted and had a broken sprayer

Nick removing the piping

Nick removing the garbage disposal

Water lines - hot on the left and cold on the right. The cold water line is fixed to that faucet and is too big.

New sink halfway there

Testing the water - why don't we have cold?
So here is what happened... ripping out the old sink was a piece of cake. We turned the water off, unhook the water supply lines, the garbage disposal and the dishwasher air gap. After slicing through the old silicone sealant it was off. Yea! No more than 15mins... we were on a record pace.  Next we hooked up the new faucet on the new sink while it was on the ground, as well as the new baskets. We weren't concerned about the railing running under the sink I am sure it is fine. Oh no.. the sink doesn't fit the granite opening. This sink has railings to stiffen it up and that is causing an issue. We can try and grind the granite  down (um no...) or figure out how to remove these railings.
Hammer it down
We tried brute force for awhile and that didn't work. Then Nick pulled one and it gave way.. turns out they are held on by some kind of glue. What makes glue disappear? Acetone. So I get the jug of paint thinner and sure enough those things pop off. There is a little denting to the sink, but we are almost 2 hours in and I don't care so much. So we throw it in the hole and start hooking things back up.. when.. ooppps...

The cold water line we have is an old one that is permanently fixed to the shut off valve and it doesn't fit the faucet connection. Are you kidding me? Now I am beyond my comfort zone and find a plumber to call out.. he comes at 630pm...(we started at 1pm) and in 1 hour has everything working. Sorta... 

Here is the moral of the story kids when buying online.. it is because if all these items worked really well and had no issues there wouldn't be any excess inventory. I have only hot water in the faucet.. no idea why. I don't have the energy to figure it out so it has to wait. 
Sunday - I had my carpets cleaned by and I have to tell you it was the best part of the weekend. Johnathan and Juliet came out and worked on my carpets for about 4 hours and they look great. No toxic chemicals, no odors and they were happy with how clean my carpets were already. But I have been using a home carpet cleaner and foaming soap and it caused a bigger issue. After some time the soap builds up in the carpet and clings to dirt.




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