Monday, April 30, 2012

Yosemite Weekend April 27-29th 2012

As most of you know, this year my parents turn 70 years old. We have had the surprise brunch for Dad and this past weekend we did a family trip to Yosemite. We stayed in Curry Village tent cabins but thankfully, I was able to get one for my parents that had wall boards and heat. The unheated ones were so cold that I can't imagine staying in them until summer.
Curry Village Tent Cabins
They are actually a good value because you can sleep 4 people in one, and they are roomy. You have to share a bathroom so it is just a step up from camping but I think it was fun.
The highlight of the weekend was the lunch at the Ahwahnee hotel where Mom and Dad both had a Monte Cristo sandwich... I think that thing had enough calories for an entire days worth of meals.
We did some light hiking as well and I have pictures of that from my camera. Nick took his camera and I don't have those yet. Here are the pictures from the weekend.

View from our tent
Curry Village Tent Cabins
Video from the lower Yosemite falls bridge - you can hear the power of the water and see the nitwits climbing the rocks to the right. They would climb out as far as they could and stand on those rocks in the spray!

Lower Yosemite Falls from bridge
Yosemite Falls From Ahwahnee

Jacob following Nick by the falls - this was a theme for the weekend.

Nick and Jacob at the Falls
Jacob and Laine in a tree

Happy Isle Bridge

Jacob and Laine

Jacob and Laine - Merced River
Flower by our tent

View from grass area at Ahwahnee
Denise and kids at Awhanee

Mom and Dad with their cupcake at lunch

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