Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden Pictures May 2012

I have been up at the house the last two weekends mainly to get the garden started and try to tackle some of the weeds. 

In my veggie garden area I planted:
7 - tomatoes
Tons of corn seeds (4 different types)
yellow and green zucchini
Canteloupe seeds
green beans
green peas

And I got 3 more fruit trees - dwarf lemon, blood orange and a full size lime tree.

In the front yard the grasses and wildflowers are finally blooming now that they got some rain and it warmed up a bit. 

Here are the pictures from the garden areas--

Blood Orange (Dwarf)
Lemon - Dwarf

Pale Bluish/Purple Iris
Lime Tree

Lupines in back


Yellow Lupines


Front Yard


Dwarf Mexican Evening Primrose

Poppies in front yard

Nick's Sunflowers
 All the planting and getting the irrigation right, is tiring but I am hoping that this year I will get more from the garden than last year. Last year it was too wet and cold during the summer, and when it finally heated up it was too late in the season to get much. Although I sure got a lot of zucchini!


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