Friday, May 18, 2012

Sheriff's Log Entries - Calaveras Enterprise

The local paper up there Sheriffs Log on May 4th will publish in Friday's paper some of the calls that the sheriff gets.. most are boring, fights, theft and drunk driving arrests. But on May 4th there were some really funny ones.. and yes these are real!

- Very low flying helicopter reported
- Person trimming plants from neighbor's side of the property line
- Wagon-mounted flame thrower disturbing neighbors (those neighbors sure are intolerant of your toys!)
- Prowling. Old School Way. (that is a street name but when you read it together it makes me laugh!)
- Suspicious dog barking; would not return when called. (Did you mean to call a dog trainer?)
- Equipment problems (Really? you call the sheriff?)
- 911 misdial; caller meant to call 411 and is sorry; wanted to let dispatch know he is a firefighter for the forest service; sounds somewhat under the influence.

These were all in the same edition of the paper... I had to share because it is one of those things that you don't believe until you read it.


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