Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ashland OR - Birthday Trip Surprise for Mom - June 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Mom!

We did it! We pulled off a big surprise on my mom for her 70th birthday! Denise and I "kidnapped" her to Ashland Oregon as her present for her birthday. (Her birthday is really on June 18th but that was not going to work so we did it this weekend.)
The plan started months ago when Denise realized that while Mom was planning something for Dad, he was not thinking he had to do anything for her. In his mind, the Yosemite family trip was both of their birthday parties. We wanted to make it special so we also invited our aunts, her sisters, who live in Cottage Grove Or. We found a Victorian house online to rent for the weekend and Denise came up with the ruse to get Mom to my sister's house in Granite Bay. June is also my brother-in-law Matt's birthday (June is a really busy month... ) so Denise asked Mom and Dad to come up and babysit the kids so that Denise could take Matt to Napa for the weekend. Amazingly, for months no one spilled the beans... even though Dad is less than sneaky and was in some tight spots a couple of times.

So on Saturday morning, Nick and I arrived at Denise's house with a tiara, balloons, feather boa and a pimp stick to surprise mom... boy was she ever! She had the most stunned look on her face when we walked in... and I told her we were taking her to Oregon. (Sorry Denise!) Here is on the pictures of her in her kidnap garb..

And then we were off... we stayed in a purple house that was just too cute... and I really don't ever want to buy an old Victorian like that. The floors all were slanted and squeaky, the rooms were choppy, but it had charm. 
Maxfield's House in Ashland OR

 We had a small cake and some gifts for mom too..
Denise looking at photo album a gift from my Aunt Ruth

My Aunt Vickii and Denise
My camera died about here and the only picture I got of my Aunt Ruth is her playing with her hair... 
On Sunday, we went on a garden tour of Ashland and saw a property that just made me want to do the same thing... they had a pond and a creek. Then on Sunday night, Denise and I went to see a play at the Shakespeare theater, "As You Like It", which was a lot of fun.

The trip to Ashland is about 5 1/2 hours ...and you go by Mt. Shasta which is just an amazing site. It is beautiful country to drive through but a long trip for a weekend.

Sign at vista point along I-5
It was a great trip and one that will provide us with lots of memories for the rest of our lives. 



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