Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot Hot Hot June 2012 Weekend!

June 17th - 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Today is father's day and I want to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially my own! You are a great Dad and we couldn't live without you!

I was at the house this weekend and it was HOT! 108 degrees on about sizzling! But I had stuff to do still and you know what you do when it is hot? You get up and do things early... I was up at 6am and working by 7am out in the veggie garden and came in at 10:30am. I needed to pick purslane for my friend at work who wants some, and put up netting to try and save the peppers I planted last time I was up. Of course, the deer have already eaten them to the stalk but I might be able to save them. Everything is growing like crazy! The corn, the squash, the beans just everything!
(I updated the recipe page to add my quick gumbo if you are interested - I think next will have to be my Doritos taco salad that I adapted from my mom's recipe)
Corn Patch (includes other plants too)
Corn view from above (To the left is potato volunteer and to the right are pumpkins and more squash)

The little frogs love my yard. It stays moist and has bugs.

Netting to protect the tomatoes and peppers

Some of my green peas that I am saving for seed. They are perfect!

Pile of purslane for Paru

Nick's Sunflowers


Cherry tomato

Yellow Squash

Casey tuckered out after working in the yard
Greenhouse with cover - still need a door and then racks and irrigation but we can't use it in the summer - it is too hot!

Lizard on my back deck this morning - not scared at all!
I will not be able to get up there for a couple of weeks since it is end of quarter again. But I am taking the week of July 4th off to spend up there. Hopefully it will be less than 100 degrees this year... and no I will probably not go to the parade. Still dealing with the memory of the ice throwing mom and daughter team... eeewww.


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