Friday, July 27, 2012

July 21st 2012 - Yard Update

Being away from the yard for 2 weeks allowed the deer to rampage and they did some damage. They ate every leaf off of Nick's sunflowers and my tomatoes and peppers. It is very sad to see them like that but I should have known it would happen! The corn, squash and pumpkins are doing great so at least I have those to look forward to in a few weeks. Here are a few pictures of the carnage...
A little zucchini with a blossom still attached.. cute!

One sad sunflower - notice the missing leaves

Sunflower #2 - I am using them as trellises now to grow green beans

This what I saw from my deck when I looked at my tomatoes. (Right)
And below it is a close up off the damage - no leaves just green sticks. Argh!

As I was leaving and standing on my deck looking around, these 2 hummingbirds were buzzing me. I had a red shirt on and they were just fascinated. If you know "hummers" they are not scared off easily. This isn't the best picture because it was with my little camera but you can see how close he is! I was almost using my camera as a shield!


Mokelumne Hill Town Hall - Restoration Party Sat July 28th


I got a notice from one of the neighbors about the completion of the Mokelumne Hill Town Hall. Apparently it was a big deal and some of the neighbors worked to raise funds for the project. There is a party on Saturday 7-9pm to celebrate the opening. This is such a nice reminder of why I like this town..people care about the historical buildings and do something to save them.