Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Vacation Week Post - July 2012

* Post of Everything that didn't fall into the other buckets*

Okay here is all the leftovers... well it was hot... and I worked out in the yard every morning from 7 or 730AM until it got too hot and then I went inside until after dinner. 

The front yard area has been my wildflower garden and grasses/weed patch. Now that the grass has turned brown and even though it was kinda pretty, it was time to mow it down. It is too hot, dry and risky to leave that out in the front of my house. 
I have been harvesting the seeds from the flowers for the last couple of months and will spread those out in the fall.

Front view - before


Black-eyed Susans in a patch of the dry grass



After  - I did leave as many of the flowers standing that I could.
Cooking - One thing that I really like to do is cook almost as much as gardening. (When people come to the house for the first time, I have to show them my Electrolux range. I just adore that thing!) While it was so hot outside in the afternoon and I was stuck inside, I did some cooking. Here is a sausage and biscuit thing that I made that was soooo good. I sent a picture to Nick to tease him since he wasn't with me. What is nice about this is that the eggs were from my neighbor's chicken, and the sausage was from the local butcher in Jackson , Swingle Meat. I also found a locally made coffee at the small grocery store in San Andreas, so it was an interesting meal.

Ok - not that healthy but man, did it taste good!

Local Coffee that I picked up at the grocery store.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!


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