Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vacation Report July 2012


I have been at the house on vacation for this past 4th of July week... partly because my company had weds/thurs off and partly because I was maxing out on vacation time. I know sad.. I get 4 weeks a year of vacation time and I just have a hard time taking it. 
Anyway - I am going to do a couple of posts here... one is just on the garden which exploded since I was there last, as well as one on the yard work, sunflowers and food.

But first - I took a couple videos of one of the peacocks that roam around the area. They are usually together but this guy was escorting two turkey hens and their babies through the area just outside the veggie garden fence. He makes these horrific noises! The classic screech of course but there is another one that sounds like a goose honking. I got that on the video so that makes me happy.
Here is a short one of him making that noise.. isn't he pretty?

This is a little longer of him and the turkey hens and babies.


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