Sunday, July 8, 2012

Veggie Garden Update - July 4th 2012

 Here is the post with the most pictures... yes I love my veggie garden! Kinda obsessed with it...

Last fall I tried "lasagna gardening" technique on about 1/3 of the garden that was just a mess with weeds. If you look at the post I did on that, there are many layers of organic material, cardboard and newspaper. A lot of people thought I was a little nuts but it really has worked..that area has significantly less in the way of weeds compared to the other side that I didn't do that on.

The other thing I do which makes a traditional row gardener go bonkers is that I shove as many different plants that I can into one space. There is a good reason for this, companion gardening. You see some plants just do better together... like corn planted with beans and big vine plants like squash or pumpkins. Corn is a high nitrogen requiring plant that has exposed roots a lot of times that need to stay cool. Beans are nitrogen "fixers" that take nitrogen from the air and "fix" them on little nodules on their roots and they like to climb. Squash or big leaf plants like it, cover up the roots of the corn keeping it cooler. Win, win, and win.  Here you go... lots of pictures of the garden and the fruit trees...afraid they aren't having as good a year as the garden.

Fig Tree - Last year this was just amazing, this year has nothing but these tiny little knobs. Just when I started liking figs!
Baby persimmon (1st Pic below) - I never have gotten to taste these because the critters get them first.
Santa Rosa Plum tree (2nd and 3rd pic) - it has some plums but it is enough to tempt something to crawl on the branch and snap it trying to reach them. I think it must have been a raccoon as they are the heaviest critters that would do that.

This is the "lasagna" garden area as viewed from my deck.
This is the other part of the garden - notice the density of the weeds?

Test ear - it is not ready yet. Darn!
Picture of the corn garden up close. You can see the pumpkin to the left and the cantaloupe to the right on the ground in front of the corn.

Yellow squash
Beautiful cherry tomatoes!
More corn pictures

Early Girl tomatoes


What I picked the first day I got there.

What I made with it - fettuccine with the vegetables.

"Volunteer" Potato plant growing in the corn - like I said there are lots of plants in that little area!
 Plants in the corn area, planted by me or volunteered:
Corn - 4 different varieties that ripen at different times.
Kentucky Bean
Cucumber (not doing good - not sure why)
I think that is everything but I only know when they get ripe and I can pick them.


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