Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 17-18, 2012


It has been a really busy couple of weeks... and I got a new camera so have tons of pictures for you!
I missed going up one weekend where the weather was so hot it finished off my corn and other vegetables. My corn looked like the mid-west crops.. so I have planted some more to see if I can sneak in another crop before it freezes.
I have 2 weeks off starting the week of Labor Day and I will be building raised beds to grow fall vegetables, like garlic, shallots, turnips and parsnips. 
One interesting thing was I was out in the front yard and noticed a large snake skin on the walk that wasn't there the day before... so somewhere in my yard is a large rattlesnake with new skin. As long as he/she has moved on to my outer property, it is okay, but this was right by my front door.
Here are pictures of my flowers and the decimated garden.

She wasn't happy I got her wet when I was watering.

Dead Corn

Dead Corn

Dead Corn
One of the frogs



Persimmon Tree


One of the lizards

Another frog

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