Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12 - Ed Felt and Flight 93 Remembered

It always amazes me how I can push this date out of my mind, and avoid thinking about 9/11 approaching. This is an old wound for the USA and I admit the pain is not as strong as it was that first anniversary. However - I will not let this go as long as I am alive.  My friend and co-worker died on Flight 93... his name was Ed Felt.

Here is the standard picture of him that is on the website for the passengers of that plane.
I have often said to people who asked me about him, he was one of the smartest people I have ever met in my life. He had a bit of quirky personality but once you got to know him he was fun. We went to Washington DC together the year before this happened to talk to the Bureau of Export Administration about the software encryption technology BEA was using. I was the one nominated to "do the talking" to the government folks and Ed was there to just answer questions.(This nomination was by Ed, not me!)  It was a funny day and the appointment lasted only about 15mins because the Department of Defense team didn't show up, so we won by default. A win is a win...
Ed loved his family and I saw pictures where he took his daughter to see polar bears in Canada and thought that he was a pretty cool dad for doing that.
The fact that I am not crying my eyes out says a lot today... that I am getting over the pain just as the nation is healing as well. But these people need to be remembered and I will post this every year.

We have the national flight 93 monument going up, and when it is done I would like to go there.



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