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Disaster! - and Hotel Impossible Show 9/22/12

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The risks and perils of owning a home, especially one you don't live in full-time became vividly evident this past weekend. I got to the house late on Friday the 21st, and it was the first time I had been there since my vacation. When I left the house on Weds 9/5, there was a wicked lightning storm going on literally above and around the house. It was so close and huge that the house would rumble and shake from the thunder. My dog, who is deaf now actually figured out something was going on. When I left everything was fine except for that storm. When I came back on Friday, my first inclination that something was wrong was the garage door opener wasn't working. Power outage. We have them all the time and it is why I have frozen bottles of water in my freezer. It can stay cool for several days if need be... 

But as I enter the house something hits me... a horrific, overwhelming smell. Seriously, it is getting dark, the house has no power, my emergency lighting is drained and I am facing a serious disaster in the refrigerator. 
Here is what happened - the house or the power pole to my house was struck by lightning that day I left on the 5th. I was without power for over 2 weeks... do you know what food does sitting inside a frig when it is 100 degrees for 2 weeks? You don't want to know. PG&E came out Friday night and got the power back on and I spent the weekend cleaning. The only pictures I can show you are off the floor damage, the rest would be just too gross. If you are wondering how the floor got damaged, when everything melts it has to go somewhere... and it seeps out around the door. Or in the case of the "in-door" ice maker, out the front.
The water and "stuff" drained out of the freezer onto the floor.
You can see the water line on the rug where the liquid mess reached. It is a good 8 feet from the freezer.

Most serious damage

Wow - there are about 10 floor planks that have to be replaced.
 I am going to try and replace the floor planks and hope the moisture damage is not to the sub-flooring. If it is I will need to get the insurance company involved.

In some good news - the Hotel Leger was selected for the Travel Channel show "Hotel Impossible". The show will air in the spring, but here is the link to the newspaper article about the work that was done. It seems that the show host and crew were impressed with all the townspeople and what they were will to do for the hotel. 
Hotel Leger Article


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