Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oregon Trip 9/8/12 - Football and Family

During my vacation I took the time to go to Cottage Grove, Oregon to see my aunts and uncles... and to go to the Fresno State football game. Fresno was playing Oregon and my parents and I bought tickets to go... and my Aunt Vickii went as well as her son John and his son Eli. Nick was supposed to go but Casey has been up and down health wise lately and I didn't want to leave her with his friends. I would have worried too much about her and if something serious had happened I wouldn't want his friends to be upset. 

Here are the pictures, some are of my Aunt Vickii and Uncle Don's house and the others are from the game. We had no illusions about winning the game because Oregon is so tough.. but we played well. In fact in the 3rd quarter we held the ducks scoreless and caused them to turn over the ball 3 times! The other big thing is that they left their starters in the game the whole time which says they were worried about the way it was going. After the game, we talked to a bunch of the Oregon fans and they were really nice and had good things to say about the Bulldogs.

Uncle Don's Western Village

Horse looking for snacks

Don and Vickii's Horses

Before the game - Mom, Vickii on Don and Dad
Flag at the game

Lunch Pavilion - It was the size of an airplane hangar

Food Area

Dad, Mom and Vickii - waiting for the game to start
We were a bit early... like 90 minutes
During the game, we had 1 section with 55,000 people in yellow
Mom and Dad at the start of the 3rd quarter before FSU went on a run and stopped the ducks!

My cousin John and his son Eli and my dad before the game
Beautiful sunset as we left the game
 It was a great time and while it would have been phenomenal to win, we played hard and had fun. My voice was hoarse by the time we were done.... 


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