Thursday, September 6, 2012

Other pictures from my vacation - Long Labor Day 2012

Here are some random pictures from my time up at the house - the garden was destroyed by critters and heat this summer. Only thing surviving is the zucchini and a few figs, that were pretty tasteless. The raccoons ate the green persimmons! I hope they get a stomach ache! One pumpkin ripened too early so I brought it home with me. Hopefully it will keep until Halloween but I doubt it.

At least the Zucchini didn't fold under the pressure. The figs were pretty bland this year and the tree is not looking so great.

One Pumpkin - my success rate is not improving!

These are pictures of something I saw on a tomato plant... a large green spider guarding an egg sac, eating a wasp. I know I am bit crazy to find this interesting but I do.

See the white ball in the middle of that leaf? There is a green spider sitting there eating a wasp.

No web or anything, she just caught him and is having a snack.
Other angle

Front Outside
One other thing I worked on is the hoop house - we have PVC installed over re bar driven into the ground. We get so much wind it frequently lifts it off the re bar and moves it around. I want to try and use it this winter to experiment with growing things so we can't have it blowing away. What I did was really low tech. I have empty paint cans from the painting that just got done. I filled them with rocks and tied a rope to the handle and then to the PVC bars on the top. 

I put two at the front where the most wind hits it, one in the middle and one in the rear. I hope it works or we will need to move it somewhere else.

Inside with 1 can attached

Inside with 2 cans attached

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