Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deer Everywhere and Tree Debris

First off - we have a lot of deer at both my houses, but the hill house has deer that are born there on the property. They grow up and have more babies and stay in basically the same area. Last month I noticed a new fawn hiding in the tall grass, which is very late in the season for deer to be having them... most are born late spring or early summer. And has it is for this time of the year, food is getting pretty tough to eat and the deer are hungry. So I drove up Friday night and found 5 deer on my front area of the house. 2 Does, 2 teenagers and this baby. 

Did my driving up and opening the garage scare them? Nope... so here are the pictures of the deer that know me too well and what they think of me trying to "shoo" them away.

3 in the picture - one doe is up the hill behind these guys. You see how small the one on the right is?

This doe was not impressed by my yelling at her... she even took the time to pee in front of me!

Little Guy again... not sure if he will make it through the winter but he is pretty brave!

I was pretty sick so didn't do much... except plant my garlic in my new raised beds. Hope they grow because I love garlic! (Picture below)

 Now for something else.. I have lots of oak trees but there is one on the trail that is at least 200 years old. He is about 50 feet tall and you can't wrap your arms around the trunk it is so big. Well it looks like it was hit by the same lighting storm my transformer was... 1/2 of it was on the trail. The debris pile was at least 10 feet tall! 
Here is the tree this spring, on the left there with the two trunks. And the pic on the right is what that trail looks like now.

Notice the whole trail is blocked? that is about 30 feet across

Closer look at the debris pile, you see the trunk in back there.

Closer look of what is left - notice the wood is very healthy looking, no rot or anything

This is the burn marks on the trunk on the ground. This is a massive amount of wood!

To give you a perspective on the height of the pile, I am 6ft tall. You can see that it is much bigger than me and is spread over the whole trail.
I will leave you with another nice sunset picture... this is why I go there. 
If anyone has a chainsaw and wants to come cut up some firewood email me!

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