Saturday, October 27, 2012

Monterey Trip - October 2012


I had a work function in Monterey on the 16th and 17th and took some pictures of the area to share with you. Yes, we really did work but hey we had a bit of fun too!
Most of our group went out kayaking except for me and a couple of friends. I took this picture of the group while my friend and I were sitting at the oyster bar at the far end of fisherman's wharf.
Kayak Group - see them by the rocks?

Otter (one of many) by the wharf

We had dinner that night at a famous restaurant on cannery row called The Sardine Factory. But instead of being up in the main restaurant we had the wine cave for our group. It was like being on a movie set or in old England. The pieces in there like the mirrors and candelabra are centuries old.
A shot of our table and the stain glass.

This chandelier is from the 16th century.

Personal ice swan with gelato and glowing light underneath to cleanse our palate.
Lobster Bisque en croute
 The food was fabulous but really it was the atmosphere that was over the top... we had a great time. The next morning we had meetings all day but this made it worth it.


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