Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sad News - 10/14/12


I went up to the house on Saturday, because I was meeting the insurance adjuster for the claim about the power outage. As I was taking a picture of the big tree that came down, I noticed Lil' Guy was laying near there dead.  I know he had a very small shot at surviving because he was born so late in the season but I was still sad.
This was him last Sunday
Here is the dilemma;
He was lying on the hill by the ATV path so he was out of the way, but I could still see him. I thought about trying to climb up and over the tree debris and pull him out of sight. But I had fallen already on the oak leaves so I didn't think that was a good idea. He looked like he had died during the night or early morning, and so I left him there. That night about 9:30pm Casey jumped up, started sniffing the air and doing that warning bark she does, when she doesn't know what she is smelling but knows it is different. Later when we were getting ready to go to bed, I tried to take her out. She went out the door with me about 5 feet, stiffened up and spun around and ran back into the house. I followed her! This morning, Lil Guy had been dragged about 15 feet down the hill. I am thinking we must have had a mountain lion come through after smelling him. So sad... he was quite the cutie. His friend or cousin or whatever, is still around and looks healthy. The does and the other fawns are gone.

While walking around I saw this hole and it turned out to be a wasp or yellow jacket nest that something had dug up and pulled all the combs out and ate them. Not sure what does that, maybe a skunk? According to google that is the most likely culprit. (How did we find out stuff like this before Google? I used to read a lot and would have had to do some research to find this in the library. Now it took less than 30 seconds...amazing!)

Here is a shot from my yard of the tree trunk that came down from the lightning strike. I am going to see if someone wants to come take it away. It is too big for me to deal with, my chain saw isn't big enough!
You can see to the left there the tree it broke off from.. see how big the trunk is in comparison to the other trees?
I was hoping that my frig would smell better when I got there this week but it doesn't... it is still making the house smell. The insurance guy noticed it as soon as he walked in the front door.. I am hoping they will replace the flooring and the refrigerator because bother were expensive. Cross your fingers everyone!


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