Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Cold Weekend - Nov 2012

This weekend I celebrated the first fire in the wood stove! I love my wood stove for heating that house because it does a great job and it costs me so little money with all the firewood I have. It was really cold, down to 29 degrees on Saturday night and Friday overnight it poured rain. I am hoping for a wet winter this year.. like the first 2 winters I was there. Last winter was cold and dry which is a bad combo for my fruit trees. They can take the cold if they get enough water. 
I met with the flooring guy on Saturday and I am waiting for his quote on fixing the floor. I am crossing my fingers that the insurance payment will cover it all. I sure hope so! That floor has cost me so much time and money it is almost becoming comical. But I have to say that I really love it... isn't that just like love? :)

I started my second year of lasagna gardening, with my winter prep work. For those of you new to this blog, this is not about growing pasta. It is a method of gardening that works with layers of materials to block out weeds and build up the quality of the soil. The dirt in that garden was pretty poor and full of weeds that I just can't keep up withn and last year it did seem to a have a positive effect.  The first step was last week where I pulled out the old veggies and other plants and put them in a pile.
Next is a layer of newspaper- and I wet down each layer.

Newspaper over the plant material

Next was a layer of cardboard and water that down and poke some holes where you see water pooling

Last layer is another bunch of bags of potting mix
I liked the results last year especially in terms of the weeds being kept away, so we will see how this works out. I would like to get a couple bales of straw and put it on top but not sure if that will fit in my car. Since we sold the truck, I really miss it!

With the storm that passed through we had some fantastic clouds late in the day. 
Sunset Pink and Purple Clouds

This was just before sunset and the light is refracting through the clouds making these beams shoot out. You might need to save this on your computer to see them.
When things get overwhelming it is this kind of  beautiful nature events that just make you appreciate life.

I am hosting Thanksgiving for the family here in Moraga, and will be trying for the first time a "heritage" turkey. This is one that is not the standard commercially grown, white feather turkeys but one that is closer to a wild turkey. We will see how it turns out. My family is really traditional about Thanksgiving dinner, one year I wanted to not have mashed potatoes and gravy and you would have thought I suggested they eat eel!.

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