Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Weekend in Nov 2012


We finally had a bit of rain so I was interested in seeing how things held up, because the storms can get really bad up there. 

Well, Nick's hoop house that he built so that I can grow stuff over the winter had the sheeting ripped off. It looks like there was a tear and it must have been enough to just pull the whole thing off. You can see it below here.. we are going to have to figure out a better way to do that.

Torn and Tattered!      

Also in the veggie garden area, the garlic is going well in the raised beds we made. See below.
Garlic is doing great!

I am starting the 2nd year of my lasagna garden experiment. This is a pile of the squash and pumpkin plants along with some other plants from the yard. This weekend I will cover them with newspaper, cardboard and compost. I am hoping we get a lot more rain than last year to help break down everything. But I have to tell you the dirt is just so much better than when I started this thing..and way fewer weeds.
Lasagna garden - start of year 2
 Also - I had a giant flock of turkeys on my lawn one morning. They are the group that had all the little babies this summer that would come through my yard. I have a video of them in July hanging out with the peacock. I don't know if they realize that Thanksgiving is coming! Count them... 10!
I forgot my normal camera so that is why the pictures look like this... took them with my phone. yuck..


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