Sunday, November 25, 2012

Garden Update - 11/2012


I got to go to the house for a couple of days this Thanksgiving weekend and I am sad because I won't be getting back up there for at least 3 weeks to maybe a month. I am travelling a lot this month for work and family reasons. 

But this weekend, I did buy a "set" of red onions, called "Early Burger" and planted them in the raised bed with the garlic and lone rutabaga. The leaves are turning into the fall colors right now and I took some pictures from my deck.

Beautiful Fall Colors from my deck

"Set" of onions

Planted in the bed with the garlic

Rutabaga? Or Turnip?

Look at the size of this worm!
  Don't you love the size of that worm?! ( I don't have a small hand... in case you are wondering.)  It tells me the dirt in the veggie garden is starting to come along and will hopefully be full of worms and other good stuff soon.

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