Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dec 2012 - weekend visit

December Trip

(More mushrooms!)

It is so hard to believe that I only made it up to the house once in December! And that weekend was really cold. So cold that when I got up on Saturday morning it was only 29 degrees outside. I had a fire in the stove going day and night that weekend, letting it burn down in the middle of the day to just coals. I love that wood stove because it is just so efficient it heats the main floor of the house with 6-8 pieces of wood, all night long! The trick is that the cast iron heats up while the fire is going, then when the fire dies down, that heat in the metal is still being released into the house. And since I still have quite a bit of firewood left from the trees we cut down 3 years ago, it is really cost effective.

I was hoping to see if any of the mushrooms that I think are Chanterelles,(but they could be the poisonous copycat, jack-o-lantern) were growing but the freezing weather turned them to mush... however... I did find a bunch of different Bolete mushrooms. Including one this year that is a lavender purple color and one that is a very smooth cream color that were new to me. I have read a lot about boletes but still haven't gotten up the courage to try and eat one! My favorite is the one with french's mustard color underneath, and then the one that turns blue when you pick it. I also started testing the oranges on the trees and they are almost ready to pick. If we keep getting some good rain storms, and not too many hard freezes they should be ready when I go up after New Year's. My oranges are always ready earlier than folks who grow them in lower elevations because of the colder weather that I get.

New Light Purple or Lavender Bolete
 Here is the collection that I picked - they are the only mushrooms to survive the freeze.
Starting from the left front - this was a very smooth cream color top with a white stalk, next to it is the "typical" brown and light yellow, on the right is my mustard color one - back left, Greyish top and greyish white stalk, and finally my lavender one again.

Orange tree - the oranges are much smaller this year, probably because of the hot summer.
Grapefruit Tree - last year had only 2 on it, this year it is doing really well.

Perfect, pretty orange. I can eat these all day long.
I will be up there again to get the floor repaired from the water damage right after new year's day, and hopefully that goes easy! Then I am off to drive my son to Tucson... so yea things are a little crazy right now!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and your loved ones!


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