Thursday, December 20, 2012

Las Vegas Trip - 12/6-12/8 2012

My parents booked a room in Las Vegas and invited me to come for a couple of days. I went there with my sister to take a couple of days off... it was kind of a flash back to the days when it was just us 4 in the family, before we had families. Denise even tried to do my hair!

The big event in town was the national finals rodeo, which brings in thousands of people. We didn't go to the rodeo because the tickets were so expensive, but we did go to this huge vendor exhibit. I mean huge! I went to it 2 days because you couldn't get through it all in one day. The other big thing was that we were going to see the musical "Jersey Boys" which mom really wanted to see. Things didn't work out so well with seeing the show, but that is the story of my life when it comes to New Jersey! 
Here are pictures from some of the hotel decorations, and the rodeo convention.
Mom and Dad - Black and White in front of the trees at the Wynn hotel
Beautiful "paper lanterns" that float at the Wynn

Bellagio Conservatory decorations


Restaurant at the Venetian -  Rattlecan
Restaurant at the Venetian

Jersey Boys store at Paris
This was an exhibit of young bucking bulls that will be up for sale. This guy got done bucking and is looking at the crowd like he wants someone to play with him. Surprisingly, no one did! I thought he was cute!
This guy rocked! The way the sale worked was interesting. You paid $13,500 to get a lottery ticket for one of the 13 bulls. Your ticket number told you the order you could pick one 1 through 13. Then you took him home and entered him into this competition throughout the year. When the rodeo comes back to Vegas next year, the prizes are huge and your little bull could make you money. Yes there were people there taking notes and video of these guys, who were planning on participating.

Dad checking out a replica chuck wagon you could buy at the show

They created a western town in the center for this show, each house or store represents a rodeo happening next year on the pro circuit.

Tucson Rodeo Poster
My dad's favorite ride at the show!

 The weather was beautiful there and it was a lot of fun hanging out with Denise and the parental units... although we just don't stay out as late as we used to anymore! We were back in bed by 11pm... what a sorry thing to say when you are in Vegas! Oh and yes I only lost money...


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