Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why are California schools in trouble?

Living in California has probably more benefit than downside, I mean we have the best weather, outdoor locales and jobs.
On the downside, we have infrastructure that is collapsing, high cost of living and taxes, and poorly performing schools. My little town of Moraga has a bunch of school bonds that we pay for to keep our schools rated the highest in the state. (It does make a difference, oh and the fact that parents have to pay $1000 per child to the "Moraga Educational Foundation" every year..)

Anyway, I was looking for some kind of class related to goat keeping or home-brewing for beer and went to the CSU Chico continuing education website. This is a public university and like all of them in CA they have funding issues. However I can't see that being the justification for this horrible spelling error ;

Seriously? They are going to train folks how to pass the SAT and GRE tests? I would look somewhere else.


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