Friday, January 25, 2013

Sold- My Kenmore Range

My range was sold today via craigslist - the couple paid cash and hauled it away.

Funny thing - I listed that downed oak tree again for sale and got a response from someone who wanted it. I was excited!  But.... the next email was that he lived in Michigan and would overnight a money order.. what? Seriously this is about 1000 pounds of oak tree... and you think I am that stupid? I told him that I want to paid by PayPal and that was the last I heard of him.


Part of the prep work for selling my Moraga house is to remove all the black appliances and put in stainless steel ones. Even though my black appliances are high quality and fairly new, I still have to replace them.

I have listed my range for sale on craigslist today.. if anyone is interested in buying it please email me. I am asking $250.00.

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