Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan 12th 2013 - short cold visit

I took a quick trip up to the house to make sure everything is okay with the cold we have been having, last thing I need is a broken pipe and more water damage. I got there on Friday night and the temp inside the house was in the 40's which tells you how cold it has been. I had to turn on the furnace and start the wood stove to get the temperature up to something liveable. The next morning, I got up and looked at my wireless temperature gauge to see how cold it was, and the darn thing was dead! According to the news it got into the "teens" and it killed the batteries. 
I have a bunch of oranges on the trees and there is the garlic still so when it warmed up enough I went out to water them and see how things were going. They are still hanging in there and I picked a bucket of them to bring to work.

The ground was actually frozen, not frost on top but the water in the ground was frozen so when you walked it crunched! Very strange sound.. I have a couple of pictures from that trip, not many because it was short and too dang cold!
Garlic is doing well! It seems to laugh at the cold!

Frost on a california poppy plant - save this to your pc and enlarge it for more detail.

Frost on the grass
 This weekend I am going to my parent's house to get my haircut - and the following couple of weekends will be working on the Moraga house. I have new appliances coming, new sink for the wet bar and hopefully find someone to fix my kitchen window without it costing me a fortune.

I posted my home as "make me move" on zillow and have had one guy email me an offer already. I turned him down. If you are interested, here is the listing -


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