Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moraga House Update

Good Evening!

I want to give everyone an update on how the sale of the Moraga house is going... on Tuesday we reviewed the offers. I had 3 of them and all were over asking.. but I have to say I was disappointed with just the 3 offers. I mean we had probably 150 showings in the week it was on the market!

Of the 3 offers - 1 was the strongest in terms of price but they were asking to have me do repairs that were based on the pest inspection report. This report put things like dry rot of the trim boards on the siding as a "Section 1" item. Section 1 items are those that require immediate attention and could pose a hazard. Since I have repaired dry rot on this house I know for a fact this is not a hazard but once it is on the report, you are locked in. So I countered that the buyer would take it "as is"... and after they discussed it with their parents in Taiwan they declined. I understand this is their first house so the idea of doing some of these repairs may have scared them but really, they are being short-sighted. The homes in this area are mostly ranch houses and have issues that are more than that but it was not something they are comfortable. I get that.
So we are now talking to offer #2 with the same offer... take it as is and match the other offers pricing. I just signed the counter offer to that one so I am hoping it works out and not sure if I can sleep or not.

Some other good news, I found a new place to live in Walnut Creek! This is a story of how God works in mysterious ways sometimes by connecting the dots in your life through people.
The rental market in the bay area is absolutely nuts right now... people are trying to bid up the properties and applying in droves. I have Casey so a dog complicates things... even though she has a smaller affect on a house than say 2 kids. My dog walker, who is just the nicest lady, is also a realtor who lives in Pleasant Hill and agreed to help me with my search when I gave up on craigslist. (After the filipina "sally" incident I was done!) I got an alert about some new properties up for rent and saw one in WC. It was single story condo, 2 bed-2bath on the first floor. I also saw that it was being listed by a realtor so I called Chris and asked her if she knew her. She did and called her for me... explained who I was and that my dog was the nicest old lady etc.... I went to the open house and filled out the application. I got the place! Now I know my credit rating helped but the fact that Chris could connect with the listing agent definitely increased my chances! I am going to pay her a finders fee for that! (Thanks Amanda for giving that awesome reference as well!)
I think my journey from calling myself a "single mom" to being just "single" is starting to near the end. I had to admit that I had a panic attack standing in that 950sf condo and trying to imagine myself living there! But it is really what I want to do... get a place that requires no work at all and that I can just close up and leave on the weekends. I just have to keep telling myself this is what I need right now and what I wanted when I started to think about selling about a year ago!
I will let you know what happens!

(PS - Anyone who has nothing to do around the middle of March is welcome to come help me move. )


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