Friday, February 8, 2013

Moraga House Updates - 1 week to go!


Last weekend my dad drove up to help me with the last of the big projects on the Moraga house before I list it for sale. We got a lot done!

We installed the new dishwasher so now the kitchen has all new appliances. We installed a sink on the wet bar, and hung up new closet doors in Nick's bedroom. We also did some touch up painting in the kitchen and painted the railing on the entry way deck. Here are some pictures for you.. it was pretty funny because Casey seemed to want to be in every picture I took today!

Nick's Room - new doors

Casey demanding I take her picture - Again!

Nick's room from the entry - painted the window seat white and added new blinds to the room.
Nick's bathroom is finished!

Wet Bar Sink
 I have a friend in the UK who didn't know what a wet bar was, so this is a picture of it. My house was built in the 1980's when the cocktail party was a big thing. That led to a small sink and bar unit being put in the living rooms of houses. It is called "wet" because it has a sink. It is not something we use much now, and my original idea was to tear it out and installed a wine cooler there. But that was too much money so the sink goes back in!

This weekend, my focus is on the yard and getting the rest of the personal items put away, photos and such. Lots to do still! Oh and find a place to live as well...sigh...

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