Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moraga House Update - Under Contract!


I am under contract to sell the Moraga house! Now I am trying to get my stuff packed and arrange movers. Because I am doing 2 moves it is a little harder to find someone... there are in this world, local and long-distance movers. Since MokeHill is 120 miles away, it is considered long distance and only a few will do that move.
My plan is to move the bulk of the furniture, kitchen and clothing to the new WC condo the weekend of the 16th.. and then the next weekend move the rest to MH. 
In preparation for that I am selling my big, comfy couch and ottoman set and the full-size bed in my guest room.

This weekend is about packing and purging and hopefully my back holds out! I am trying to make something creative today, grapefruit soda. I have a Blanco d'oro grapefruit tree which is the really sour grapefruit. I got my 'Organic Gardening' magazine yesterday and they have a recipe to make a simple syrup that you add to cold carbonated water. So I did it with my grapefruit and Stevia, because I am not big on sugar stuff.
First you take off the peel from 1/2 of a grapefruit and juice 1 whole one. I juiced 1 and 1/2 and ate the other 1/2 for breakfast. You add enough water to make 1 cup and boil it in a pan with 1 cup of sugar until it dissolves.

Strain and cool it. I have it in my fridge right now cooling and will add some tonic water and ice to it later to see how it tastes. I really enjoy these kinds of experiments - just gives me a break from my everyday tech job that is all about computers and stress! Will let you know how it tastes.... Julie

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