Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 20-21, 2013


Summer is rapidly approaching up at Mokehill, with the temp around 80 degrees on Saturday and hotter the rest of the week. I am way behind in my veggie garden planting because of being gone so much, and last week I needed to tackle some weeds and make sure the irrigation was working. But this weekend I did get some things planted, and it is a lot less than last year.

I am using the planter boxes Dad and I made to hold some tomatoes and pepper plants. Every year I plant these and every year they get eaten down to the stems by the deer and squirrels. So I put just a few in the one planter and covered it with netting... let's see if it helps. Also, to cut down on watering, I put a drip hose on those planters instead of a sprinkler. I am hoping it stops the rapid weed growth as well! Drip systems are great once you get the hang of them. Only issue in my area are that rats will chew the lines to get at the water. So every year I have to repair something. But they reduce the amount of water you use and you can place it just at the plant itself, not spraying everywhere.
Planter with drip hose
 Then right behind the planters I planted corn, sunflowers, peas and beans. Used a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler to see if that helps with the watering and weeds as well.
Corn and Sunflowers with soaker hose
Looking from the back - you can see the two boxes in front and the corn (dirt).

 Orange trees are starting to bloom and it is such a pretty smell! You can hear the bees first and then when you get close you can smell the trees!

More flower pictures! Every week I go up there there are more flowers and this week there were some oriental poppies that were red and gorgeous standing out among the others.

Isn't it the prettiest thing!
1 yellow lupine in the sea of blue

Lady bug on the grass.. I have thousands of them again and I am very happy!

Front yard looking up towards the house.

Next weekend Nick and Jessie and my sister's family will be up there to help me unload the moving container and maybe replace the toilet in the hall bath and get the ATV running... and....I am starting to understand why people might not want to have a house that needs a bit of work!

Just quickly - if you want to print any of these pictures or post them somewhere I am all for it! Include a link back to my blog please... and for those who want to email me and ask me questions - please do! My email is


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