Monday, April 29, 2013

April 26th-28th, 2013

My poor family....being related to me means when I call to ask you if you have any plans next weekend, it is probably not to go wine tasting with me! When the family trip to Yosemite was cancelled I asked them to come to MokeHill and help me unload the moving container that had the stuff I was moving from the Moraga house. Doesn't that sound like fun?
Well - they were good sports about it and we got a lot done.. not just unloading the container but I got a new refrigerator delivered, and all the oranges picked and the toilet replaced and the ATV going!

My son Nick and his girlfriend Jessie came up, and my niece and nephew spent the night on Friday as well. So Saturday I woke up to a full house and since the youngest kid Laine was up with me I sent her out to pick oranges to squeeze for juice. She loved it! And when her big brother got up he wanted in on the action too! They are both very competitive so it was my role to referee to make sure one or the other didn't get any more time picking or juicing. They picked every orange on my tree and that had to be about 100 of them that were left. It was great! The only danger is that the trees are blooming right now and I asked them to be gentle and not to knock off the blossoms but not sure that happened. They do everything with enthusiasm!
Jacob with the orange picker - laine behind the tree

Squeezing the oranges for juice
Besides the oranges I have a couple of other things that we are picking - asparagus and green peas. I always missed the asparagus ripening so last time I was there I cut them all down and within the 2 weeks, new spears had grown in! I cut them so fast! Everyone who came over was handed a spear and told to try it.. most were confused because it was raw. It is the best tasting asparagus I have ever had and we all ate is just raw. Makes me want to plant more of them since it takes about 3 years to get them to full production and they will come back for about 10 years.
Asparagus growing

Peas and asparagus

Fig Tree seems to be surviving

Lots of plums

Pretty and pretty tough Irises

Bluish -purple color iris

Sunflower seedlings trying to make it!

Another one of those pretty caterpillars

Baby Goat

Goats wanting to know where the carrots are..

This is only 1 of 2 that have survived all the attacks that remembers me.
I will leave you with the nest on my deck update.There are now 6 little blue eggs in my birdhouse on the deck. The parents are okay if we watch them from inside but don't like us on the deck. According to the internet, which never lies, the eggs will take 2 weeks to hatch and about 3 weeks after that for the birds to fly away. 


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