Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moraga House - SOLD!

Well that was quick! 

On Friday, 3/29/13, my house was sold and I am no longer the owner.. I am in my new condo but still trying to adjust. It is just so small! I have some boxes of kitchen things that I don't think I can unpack. (I realize that while I may not be a typical "girl" shopper and buy shoes or clothes, I do like my kitchen gadgets!)

My computer here at home has been having some serious issues, so I keep fixing it with the help of my son, and home it hangs in there. I don't want to buy a new one it is just such a pain! But it really has caused me to get behind on posting.. that and I can't find my camera. I know it is in a bag or a box somewhere... just where is the issue.

It has been a whirlwind of activity and I realize I have been up to the hill house in 2 months... and boy do I miss it! I check the weather up there everyday to see if there is any rain for my trees.. and there has been very little. And wonder how bad the weeds are... 

Here is a picture of Casey pouting on Easter morning.. she keep hearing that the easter bunny would be coming to the house and I think she took it literally.
She had to make due with rabbit treats in her toy.. no hate mail please! Rabbit is yummy!

I have a subscription to mother earth news as well as other publications about hobby farms, and they have an interesting event happening in September. It is calling Homesteading Month and it encourages those people who are trying to live simply and off the land to host events for others. Here is the link to the calendar if you would like to see if there are any events in your area.
Homesteading Month Calendar of Events

It in an interesting idea.. but I was thinking, if I hosted an event what would it be? I am really good at drip irrigation and gardening, but would anyone come to that? Do I need to through in a little cheese making class as well? I am not sure anyone would care or come so I will look to see if there are any events I would like to go to... nothing in California yet. But we are procrastinators here..

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