Friday, April 19, 2013

Question - What happens when you leave your house for 2 months?

Answer - nature quickly moves in...

With everything that was going, putting the house on the market, selling it, packing and moving, I couldn't to the house for about 2 months. When I pulled up to the fence I could see the weeds along the driveway and they were 3 feet high... when I left they were barely there. Okay that I expected... but some other stuff was really funny. Here is Casey in the front yard, so you can see the weeds that grew and how fast... when I left I had them mowed down.

Casey in the front yard

For instance - my boots were on the deck outside my sliding glass door. In the country before you put any closed toe shoes on, you always shake them out good. We have black widows, scorpions, snakes and other things that like dark, cozy places to hide. I shook my boots and out came a stash of acorns that either a squirrel or woodpecker hid. 

Then that night I was walking past the front door and a light was shining through, and I thought, I don't remember having a peephole in the door... and I didn't until now. Mr. Woodpecker did this to my wood front door while I was gone...
Inside View

Outside View
Great - now I need to patch the door or get a steel one to replace it. I am leaning to a new steel door for security reasons but that wasn't in the immediate plans, I guess it has moved up the list now. Next, on my deck I had placed a birdhouse that my dad built for me a while ago.. it had blown off its perch in the wind and I hadn't put it back before I left. I left it sitting on the rail of my deck. Saturday morning, two of the pretty Mountain Western Bluebirds were suddenly scoping it out, and they liked it! So... they have built a nest.. see below.
Birdhouse on railing

Nest being built
I moved it against the pole so it would be more stable and they didn't seem to mind. I can watch them from my kitchen/dining room and as long as I don't go on the deck they are happy. 

While I was gone, the wildflowers also started to bloom.. and yes I know every year I post pictures of them.. but they are so pretty! And right now being able to look at something pretty when this world is so ugly, is really important. Don't you think?
Poppies by the walk

"Santa Barbara Daisy"

Purple Lupines


Yellow Lupine

Not sure of this one.. need to look it up.. pretty little blue flower
Also, the ladybugs are back! 



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