Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garlic coming out of my ears and baby birds!

Last weekend was pretty hot but it had some nice points - one is all the stuff is starting to sprout but of course I have forgotten some of the things I have planted. But not the garlic! So back in October I planted some Susanville garlic in the beds that my dad and I put together. This weekend I harvested that garlic and boy, did it do good! I have over 30 heads that are usable and "Nice" and about another 7 or 8 that are small and I will keep. Harvesting was just the first part, then you have to wash them and dry them a bit, the cut off the roots and green part and try to clean them up. It took me over an hour to do that! I made the mistake of trying some of it for dinner that night... umm... fresh, raw garlic will knock your socks off! I have to "cure" these for a while at least a few weeks.
 I have a picture of one of my pumpkin seedlings and a gazania flower as well for you.

Thats a lot of garlic!

Cleaned up and ready to dry



The baby bluebirds hatched sometime around thursday last week.. and they are UGLY!
All 6 ugly little bald birdies!

Eyes are closed still...

I have to tell you though, these bird parents are amazing! Both mom and dad are working on feeding them... and protecting them. They have chased away a rat, yes a rat, and a blue jay.. they are fearless and both work to feed this brood. They make me tired just watching them!

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