Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goats and Bats

I took last Friday off and went to the house a day earlier than normal. Sorry it has taken so long to post again. After my first laptop was stolen I bought a new one but it didn't work right so I had to return it and get this one. When I drove up the neighbors goats were in my lower pasture and hanging out with the turkeys. They have a couple of billy goats visiting their ewes and they are nice but man, they will not stay in their yard. They have destroyed the fence between our properties.

This little one was down on my driveway

Turkey just cruising
Pictures from my garden
Plums for my dad to make jam

Black-eyed Susan's in my yard

Nectarines on my small tree

Finally - I have bats in my attic. The bat control guy is going to come out next week to look at it and see if he can get them out. They found an opening above my bay window under the rafters and I decided to record them leaving for the night. I got 3 on video before the camera battery died, and if you turn up the volume you can hear them. I counted at least 10... yes this is a creepy. I like bats! They eat bugs but I don't want them in my house.

Opening above my window
And this is what they look like...

The Hotel Leger was bought by a lady from southern California. Here is the link to the story.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Walnut Creek house was burglarized today....

My post yesterday about my new computer is really ironic, as it was stolen today. Along my son's apple macbook pro, 3 of his cameras (he is really into photography) and my jewelry boxes.

The robbery happened during the day, while my son took Casey out for her walk. They apparently climbed the fence on the patio and walked in. It happened really fast, less than 10 mins and Nick came back and was looking for some money that I had left him to wash his car. Then noticed my new laptop was gone, and his apple and on and on. I am not upset about the cameras or the computers. They are easy to replace and thankfully, they didn't take my external hard drive with the back up info or my camera. (Should I be offended? My little Canon camera takes great pictures! Snob..)

And I am extremely grateful and thanking God that Nick and Casey were out of the house. Nick says he could have taken him and I am sure that is true, but I would rather have my entire house cleaned out than risk those two and their safety.

What is making me sad tonight and yes I am spontaneously crying, are the items I lost in my jewelry box. I am not a "girlie girl" so everything I buy has a meaning. I lost the 2 watches that belonged to my grandmothers. They were not expensive but they were their watches. I lost the black hills gold ring that my dad bought me instead of a class ring because I thought it was ugly. I lost the blue tahitian pearl earrings and necklace that I bought on Kauai, just when I started to realize that BEA was going to make me money. I was coming out of a dark period of no money and supporting my son and husband and they were like promises to myself that I would make it. It was something just for me and it was a huge splurge at the time. I lost the garnet ring that belonged to my grandma... and the sapphire x's and o's bracelet that a former love gave to me. I lost the diamond ring I bought to tell the world that I didn't need a man to buy me one! And the mother's day ring that said "mom" on it from Nick. Oh and my wedding ring, which doesn't have any good memories but I just loved the emerald in it. You can't find natural emeralds anymore and that one was really pretty... and I paid for it. No really, I paid for our wedding rings.

What we didn't lose are things that are really expensive.. I have a Salvador Dali print that could easily bring $4000. And an original etching that I just love by Trevor Southey... it is of an oak tree and the back of a naked man standing looking at it. I actually bought it for the same guy who gave me the sapphire bracelet but couldn't stand to give it up and kept it. So glad I did!
They took what would fit in a back pack and could be pawned or sold quickly.. and some cash.

I have a police report and a claim filed with my insurance company and working on the lost items list. I am angry that someone would take these things from me when I work so hard for all of them. But I also realize it was a crime of opportunity and that they might not have known me personally. I hope.. 

Today is the 4th anniversary of buying my hill house and I was going to write on that.. I will postpone that until this weekend.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! June 16th 2013

Hi All!

(Pre-Blog Note)
Well I finally did it - I got a new computer. After my old one kept having random errors and was going really, really slow I broke down and bought a cheap laptop. It is fine for my personal stuff and I have a really nice one for work that makes me feel special.

Everyone who has gotten a new computer knows that one of the biggest pains is transferring the data over from the old one. I got that done using my external hard drive that I save all my pictures too. But this new laptop has Windows 8 on it... and man does it suck!

I am trying to learn to use it but it is made for more of a phone or tablet and doesn't seem logical to me on a computer. Nick is saying it is because I am old but I don't think that is the reason. I am just not a big believer in icons and pictures - I rather like the folder structure of programs. Anyway, enough complaining here is this weeks blog...
Last weekend I went to my parent's house to get my hair cut and meet up with my sister to go over plans for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party. Yep - they have been married 50 years! Here are some pictures from their back yard which is a really nice 1 acre property in Madera.
Casey and my niece Laine

Bees at my mom's lavender plants

My dad's pomegranate tree
That was last weekend and this weekend I went up to the house with Casey. Nick has been going up a couple of days for me and is painting the rooms still left to paint. He is doing a good job and I don't have to worry about a handyman in my house when I am not there. I also finally got rid of the old propane tanks that have been sitting in the back area. Put them on Craigslist and gave them away. Very Happy to see them go!
My veggie garden is doing really well. I have an ear of corn already on the Earlivee variety and a small squash formed. The pumpkin plants have really gotten big and I better get more than 1 pumpkin this year or that is the end of planting those seeds. My plum trees and persimmons are going gangbusters but as usual the trick is to get to the fruit before the critters do and that isn't easy. 
1st ear of corn!

Fig tree is hanging in there, but not doing so great.

Pretty Persimmon Tree

Santa Rosa Plums

Elephant Heart Plums

Plum tree looking up into the branches

Pumpkin Plants

Squash is off and running!
So now the race is on... can I get to my garden and harvest it before the animals do? This year I planted a lot more things they don't like and less of what they do. And lots of Sunflowers to serve as the sacrificial plants in the yard. (Don't tell Nick - he loves his sunflowers!)

Next week, is my Mom's birthday and the 4th anniversary of when I bought the house. It has come a long way and still so many things to do!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take a Raft Trip on the Mokelumne River - June 23rd, 2013!

Take a Fun Raft Trip on the Moke!
Join us to raft with OARS on June 23 

Thanks to OARS of Angels Camp, Foothill Conservancy will hold benefit raft trips on the Mokelumne River on Sunday, June 23, 2013. All trips will benefit our efforts to protect the Mokelumne River. The cost is $70 per person and space is limited. The Mokelumne is not yet open to commercial rafting, so this is a rare opportunity for you to experience this Wild and Scenic-eligible river.

The trip is a wonderful introduction to whitewater rafting, with fun rapids, quiet floats, and lots of beautiful river scenery. OARS is one of the nation’s finest rafting outfitters, which means you’ll enjoy high-quality safety equipment and highly skilled professional guides as you float the Moke from Electra to Middle Bar.  

Photo of Mokelumne River

We will have trips at noon and 4 pm. They are open to river-lovers from age 6 and up, unless river flows are too high to safely accommodate children (we will let you know). OARS will provide transportation from our meeting spot in Jackson to and from the river. 

To reserve a spot on one of these special trips, please e-mail Randy Berg in our office and let him know:

--Your name, address, daytime phone and e-mail
-- Number of seats you’d like to reserve
--Ages of children under 15 in your party, if any
--Your time preference, if any: noon or 4 pm

After Randy confirms receipt of your reservation request, you will need to send us a check for $70 per person to hold your reservation. (Please wait until you have confirmation before mailing your check). He’ll send you more details about the trip then, too.

Be sure to contact Randy soon. We'll reserve seats in the order we receive requests.

Still not sure whether to come? Check out this 
great video of one of our Moke trips from Mikey Wier, shot for OARS in 2009 from rafts and the shore.

Reserve your spot soon! Contact Randy at the Foothill Conservancy office from 9 am - Noon, at 209-295-4900 or by e-mail. 
Be sure to provide your daytime phone number, e-mail address, number in your party, and preferred time of trip -- 12:00 pm or 4:00 pm.. We'll get back to you with confirmation and details.