Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! June 16th 2013

Hi All!

(Pre-Blog Note)
Well I finally did it - I got a new computer. After my old one kept having random errors and was going really, really slow I broke down and bought a cheap laptop. It is fine for my personal stuff and I have a really nice one for work that makes me feel special.

Everyone who has gotten a new computer knows that one of the biggest pains is transferring the data over from the old one. I got that done using my external hard drive that I save all my pictures too. But this new laptop has Windows 8 on it... and man does it suck!

I am trying to learn to use it but it is made for more of a phone or tablet and doesn't seem logical to me on a computer. Nick is saying it is because I am old but I don't think that is the reason. I am just not a big believer in icons and pictures - I rather like the folder structure of programs. Anyway, enough complaining here is this weeks blog...
Last weekend I went to my parent's house to get my hair cut and meet up with my sister to go over plans for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party. Yep - they have been married 50 years! Here are some pictures from their back yard which is a really nice 1 acre property in Madera.
Casey and my niece Laine

Bees at my mom's lavender plants

My dad's pomegranate tree
That was last weekend and this weekend I went up to the house with Casey. Nick has been going up a couple of days for me and is painting the rooms still left to paint. He is doing a good job and I don't have to worry about a handyman in my house when I am not there. I also finally got rid of the old propane tanks that have been sitting in the back area. Put them on Craigslist and gave them away. Very Happy to see them go!
My veggie garden is doing really well. I have an ear of corn already on the Earlivee variety and a small squash formed. The pumpkin plants have really gotten big and I better get more than 1 pumpkin this year or that is the end of planting those seeds. My plum trees and persimmons are going gangbusters but as usual the trick is to get to the fruit before the critters do and that isn't easy. 
1st ear of corn!

Fig tree is hanging in there, but not doing so great.

Pretty Persimmon Tree

Santa Rosa Plums

Elephant Heart Plums

Plum tree looking up into the branches

Pumpkin Plants

Squash is off and running!
So now the race is on... can I get to my garden and harvest it before the animals do? This year I planted a lot more things they don't like and less of what they do. And lots of Sunflowers to serve as the sacrificial plants in the yard. (Don't tell Nick - he loves his sunflowers!)

Next week, is my Mom's birthday and the 4th anniversary of when I bought the house. It has come a long way and still so many things to do!


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