Monday, June 17, 2013

My Walnut Creek house was burglarized today....

My post yesterday about my new computer is really ironic, as it was stolen today. Along my son's apple macbook pro, 3 of his cameras (he is really into photography) and my jewelry boxes.

The robbery happened during the day, while my son took Casey out for her walk. They apparently climbed the fence on the patio and walked in. It happened really fast, less than 10 mins and Nick came back and was looking for some money that I had left him to wash his car. Then noticed my new laptop was gone, and his apple and on and on. I am not upset about the cameras or the computers. They are easy to replace and thankfully, they didn't take my external hard drive with the back up info or my camera. (Should I be offended? My little Canon camera takes great pictures! Snob..)

And I am extremely grateful and thanking God that Nick and Casey were out of the house. Nick says he could have taken him and I am sure that is true, but I would rather have my entire house cleaned out than risk those two and their safety.

What is making me sad tonight and yes I am spontaneously crying, are the items I lost in my jewelry box. I am not a "girlie girl" so everything I buy has a meaning. I lost the 2 watches that belonged to my grandmothers. They were not expensive but they were their watches. I lost the black hills gold ring that my dad bought me instead of a class ring because I thought it was ugly. I lost the blue tahitian pearl earrings and necklace that I bought on Kauai, just when I started to realize that BEA was going to make me money. I was coming out of a dark period of no money and supporting my son and husband and they were like promises to myself that I would make it. It was something just for me and it was a huge splurge at the time. I lost the garnet ring that belonged to my grandma... and the sapphire x's and o's bracelet that a former love gave to me. I lost the diamond ring I bought to tell the world that I didn't need a man to buy me one! And the mother's day ring that said "mom" on it from Nick. Oh and my wedding ring, which doesn't have any good memories but I just loved the emerald in it. You can't find natural emeralds anymore and that one was really pretty... and I paid for it. No really, I paid for our wedding rings.

What we didn't lose are things that are really expensive.. I have a Salvador Dali print that could easily bring $4000. And an original etching that I just love by Trevor Southey... it is of an oak tree and the back of a naked man standing looking at it. I actually bought it for the same guy who gave me the sapphire bracelet but couldn't stand to give it up and kept it. So glad I did!
They took what would fit in a back pack and could be pawned or sold quickly.. and some cash.

I have a police report and a claim filed with my insurance company and working on the lost items list. I am angry that someone would take these things from me when I work so hard for all of them. But I also realize it was a crime of opportunity and that they might not have known me personally. I hope.. 

Today is the 4th anniversary of buying my hill house and I was going to write on that.. I will postpone that until this weekend.


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