Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fishing - Caves - Snakes - July 4th - Oh My!

Fourth of July Weekend - 2013

I am really annoyed - I have this new laptop and haven't figured it out quite yet. So I downloaded my camera and then deleted the pictures as usual and have lost a bunch of the pictures somehow. 

I don't have pictures of my sunflowers that are 2 feet taller than my son so at least 8 feet tall. And all the pictures of my pumpkin patch and the snake. The only pictures that transferred successfully are of my sister and her family, who came to go fishing and to visit the Black Chasm cave in Volcano, CA. 

Here is what I do have for this past few days ;

July 4th - my pumpkins have gone a little crazy and my sunflowers as well. I was out there in the morning trying to clear the weeds and cut back the pumpkins when I ran into a rattlesnake. He was just chilling under a big pumpkin leaf and wasn't aggressive at all and not too big at about 2.5 feet long. He wasn't in a spot where I could get to him easily and shoot him, and so I persuaded him to move back to the wild area. Of course that put him under the propane tank as well so really couldn't shoot him safely. Nick was there and I woke him up to help me convince him to move on. Here is a video of the snake, that I named Harry, under the lemon tree and pumpkin leaves while I was waiting for Nick to come out from his room.

Just in case you think my yard is the only one who has this issue, it has been a bad rattlesnake season this summer. The Safeway shopping center has this sign posted everywhere in the parking lot.
They apparently shop at Safeway too!
My sister and her family came by to go fishing and to tour a cave in the area called The Black Chasm.  Here are some pictures of the fishing visit.
Mokelumne River view upstream

Denise and Laine trying catch something! Matt is in the background.

Not sure what these are called but they are everywhere and pretty.

Jacob - trying to fish and keep and eye on his dinner at the same time.
The river is really low and the fishing is bad but it is such a pretty place that I am happy just hanging out there.
The cave trip was fun, and it is nice "starter" cave if you haven't gone on a cave tour before. It is well-lighted with stairs leading to two caverns, and it is pretty short only 40 mins. There are 160 plus stairs so that is the only problem if you are someone who has mobility issues. Oh and a couple of spots will be hard for anyone over 5'5" tall. Here are some pictures from that tour, I recommend it for anyone who hasn't been on a cave tour or if you have younger children that you aren't sure would like the tours where it is dark and much longer underground.
Laine at the first landing stop next to the rope that people used to have to use to take the tour.

These are an unusual form that looks like undersea coral to me.

Beautifully lit waterfall form

More of that coral looking stuff - it is really amazing.
The rest of the weekend was spent fixing up my bathroom by replacing a mirror, light bar and shower head. Nick has painted my bedroom and it looks really nice. The bathroom had a plate mirror without any style and I am sure the original 1976 light bar. I took them both down and replaced in just a couple of hours. It took me longer than it should because I had to paint some spots that were showing now.

After - also hung up new "blackout" blinds. What a difference they make!

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