Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunset Bay Cruise - Weds 7/24/13


(Just a little break from the normal garden stuff.)

This week of the 20th was very exciting because my 2 newest team members were  in the San Francisco office for the week for training and getting to know the others on the team. We work insanely hard at Riverbed, more than I sometimes think is humanly possible so I wanted to give them team a little treat of some kind. My first idea was Alcatraz but I couldn't get tickets, in fact it is sold out for the next couple of months. So I took them on a 2 hour cruise.. sorry had to get the Gilligan's Island reference in there!

We left on a boat from the heart of the tourist area, Fisherman's Wharf, on the Red and White Ferry line. We toured around the bay seeing the bay bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Sausalito and of course the golden gate bridge. There was sandwiches and drinks on board and it wasn't crowded at all which was surprising. One of the team was sick so we had another employee come along which was fun.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip, it was windy and cold so we would run up to see something and then back down to the main cabin to our table we had staked out.

Our group in the main cabin - Wes, Brice, Paru, Jenna and Duncan. (L to R)
Sausalito Harbor
Fog coming over Sausalito at sunset

Bay Bridge - hopefully it will open soon!
Golden Gate
Golden Gate in fog - because that is most of the summer in SF
We had a good time and the visitors got to go under the golden gate bridge and see it close up. Even if it was foggy!


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